Sacred Essence Tree Of Life Ceramic Smudge Bowl 12.5cm

Tree Of Life Ceramic Smudge Bowl 12.5cm
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The tree of life symbol for centuries has been highly symbolic. The design to many cultures around the world is inspiring, grounding and calming. It is a universal symbol that transcends religions and cultures.

The tree of life represents connection between the worlds heaven and the earth. T

Design & symbols associated with Spiritual, Pagan and Wiccan traditions. These smudge bowls are made and internally shaped to hold and stop a smudge wand or stick from rolling. They are made from ceramic stoneware.

  • Design: Tree Of Life
  • Exterior Dimension: H:12.5cm W:10cm D:10cm
  • Internal shaped holder approx size: H: 47mm x W:43mm
  • Colour: Oatmeal, Green & Blue
  • Material Ceramic Stoneware
  • Uses: Ceremony & rituals, as a smudging ceremonial bowl holding lit  wand incenses in a heat resistant dish. Candles my also be used.
  • Ideally suits smudge wands, sticks and appropriate sized candles.

NB: Care & Maintenance: Protective and heat resistant ceramic may discolour internally with use of a heated or lit smudge wand. This is normal. Small heat resistant crystals or sand can be used to further protect the dish or add to a required look filling the dish to a desired level.

When smudging using lit incenses care should be taken and done in a well ventilated room.

The ritual to cleanse and purify stems from the beginning of time. Ancient rituals and ceremonies performed across the world, nowadays smudging, cleansing and purifying is not only become popular but is a natural way to lift and make an area fresh and clean. With so many natural incenses available now the art of clearing spaces, altar working or simply clearing a space can be very calming, balancing and uplifting depending on the type of incense used.

These ceramic incense bowls are not only attractive and modern but sturdy, they hold small to large smudge wands.



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