Peruvian Sahumerio Incense Sticks (Incensio) 6 x 4" sticks

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Peruvian Incenscio Sahumerio Incense. A paper paste is made to infuse the ingredients, then dried. Typical uses: Used by the qero shamans in the Andes whilst doing: despacho ceremonies, offering rites, prayer rituals or celebrations.

  • Made from traditional saw palmetto, palo santo, copal and other incenses in a light weight paper stick.
  • Cleanses spaces, individual's, personal altar's (mesa's) and spaces. Also used whilst meditating in the outdoors.
  • Burn in a heat resistant bowl.
  • Each stick burns for up to 15 minutes.
  • Either burn on its own or mix with other incenses for desired ceremonial effect.

Peruvian Incensio Sahumerio sticks, Incense known for it's cleansing properties, used by shaman, Qero's and the indigenous people of the Andes for space clearing, despacho ceremony and rituals. Light and place in a smudge bowl or fire proof dish. Used in outdoor meditation and space clearing. A quick refreshing smell that moves into every space clearing and cleansing. Made from natural products.
See our range of handmade fire bowls. Packet of 6 sticks.

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