Satya Nag Champa Sai BABA Sandalwood Dhoop 12 Cones Incense & Holder (12 Per Pack)

Sandalwood Dhoop 12 Cones Incense & Holder (12 Per Pack)
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Sandalwood Incense to has natural antiseptics and can be used to cleanse the air.

Due to its specific properties, breathing in sandalwood aromatic fragrance can help you fall asleep more easily, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy.

Box of 12 Dhoop Sandalwood cones & holder.

  • Approx gift box size: H:6.5cm x W: 6cm x D:2.5cm
  • Approx Cone size: 32mm x 8mm
  • Natural ingredients handmade
  • Origin: India.

Care & Use: When lit use on a heat proof dish. To lit: light the tip of the cone using a naked flame, carefully blow out the flame and allow it to smoulder.

NB: Ash will drop so its important to place on a heat resistant dish/area so not to occur damage. Areas must be well vented opening windows and doors.


Place a cone on the dhoop holder provided and ignite the tip. Give it a couple of seconds to burn then extinguish the flame to let the scent flow.

Safety: It Is important to be aware of certain safety tips. Incense is hot when lit, so its important to always use caution. Keep your burner away from curtains or any flammable objects. Keep incense out of the reach of small children or pets. Let fresh air into your environment while you're burning incense.

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