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Alaskan Purification Sacred Spray 120ml

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  • Alaskan Purification Sacred Spray 120ml - Cleanse & Purify.
  • Sacred Spray formula designed to cleanse and purify your personal energy field and your environment.
  • Uses: Alaskan produce high vibrancy, crisp & clean essences to help aid and suppor the body through change.

This Sacred Spray from Alaskan is for Purification (TM), a "space clearing" formula designed to cleanse and purify your personal energy field and your environment. It is used to break up and clear stagnant energy. This spray contains the four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences: Black Tourmaline, Fireweed, Portage Glacier, and Sweetgrass. These essences are complimented by the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender Mailette, Black Spruce, and Frankincense. These oils enhance the purifying function of the essences, and add clarifying, sanctifying, and refreshing qualities to the spray. The Purification Spray transports the purity of the wilderness into our complex man-made environments, awakening our senses and reminding us of our true natures. Supplied in a glass bottle, a truly fresh and unique essence that not only clears but refreshes! Purify and recharge the atmosphere where there is stagnant energy-like a room that has been closed up for a long time.Break up toxic patterns of energy in an environment where there has been addiction, depression, or abuse. Release old ingrained habits that are no longer useful, necessary, or contributing to your well-being. Create the clear, neutral space that is necessary before you can successfully invoke positive energies into your environment. Release toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body. Revitalize, balance and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system.

The Sacred Space Sprays, co-created by Jane Bell and Steve Johnson, were designed primarily for Space Clearing, an ancient practice brought to life by Denise Linn in her book Sacred Space. Jane and Steve are both graduates of Denise's Interior Alignment training program and practice Space Clearing professionally, helping people to create healthy living and working environments.

These sprays are based on our popular Calling All Angels, Guardian, Lighten Up and Purification formulas (see the Alaskan Combination Formulas page for more information). To these we added complementary blends of the highest quality essential oils and absolutes. Each custom blend contains oils that were chosen on the basis of their therapeutic qualities and their ability to ground and enhance the function of each essence combination.

The Sacred Space Sprays were formulated to address the increasing challenge of maintaining our health in this crowded and fast paced world. Stagnant and toxic energies accumulate in our living and working environments from computers and other electrical equipment, pollution, emotional upsets, illness, clutter and even from previous occupants. Over time these disharmonious energies can have a detrimental effect on our physical vitality, relationships, productivity, creativity, prosperity and general well being. You can cleanse yourself and your surroundings of these unwanted toxins and bring in the fresh, elementally infused energies of nature by using our Sacred Space Sprays along with the simple and straightforward techniques of Space Clearing.

These sprays were designed to help you evolve from a position of being at the mercy of your surroundings to having a positive effect on them. Our vision is to help people create clear and vibrant living and working environments which will have a positive effect on everyone who enters them. The apartments, flats, houses and buildings in which we live and work can become beacons of light that radiate out and positively transform our neighborhoods, cities, countries and the world.

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