Star Child Hand Made Rustic Smudge Fire Bowl Six Pointed Star 13.5cm (S-M)

Six Rustic Small
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The Six pointed Star or otherwise latterly known as the St David’s Star has long been of great significance in pre-religious and spiritual cultures; The corners that represent the elements , Earth, Air, Fire, Water, the masculine, the stars  and the feminine that holds all creation made up of two equilateral triangles intertwined. One triangle pointing up represents action of the outward flow of energy through selfless service, the second triangle pointing downwards representing knowledge or the inward search of self-realisation. 
The star is said to be of alchemical reaction finding the dynamic balance between the inner and the outer, seemed to be one of the greatest tasks of our lives.  When balance is obtained the Star is seen as perfect with its equal lengthen sides depicted.
  • Design - Six Pointed Star in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Approx Size: D: 135mm x H:50mm.
  • Please allow + or - 5% natural tolerance.
  • Uses: Ceremony & rituals, as a smudging or fire bowl, an elegant way to show off candles protecting any surface, can be used with charcoal and different incenses or simply for holding and burning different types of incenses.
  • Therapists use these bowls to hold a tea light and incense to the side of clients when working with them or meditating.

NB: Batch to batch variance always occurs with natural products. This might mean the rustic-ness of the censers and bowls can vary with richer contrasts. Whilst these are predominantly of a neutral colour they have a blackened effect. This can be be more prominent.

A range of smudge dishes and offering bowls are designed for use in sacred and magical rituals. They are made from a stoneware craft clay with a sandy texture giving a tactile, rustic finish.

Star Child Hand Made fire bowls are perfect for smudging incense, using white sage / sage smudge wands, palo santo or holding a mini fire. Ideal for meditating with a candle. When burning use a small amount of sand in the base to help hold the heat and keep the bowl clean. Colour varies slightly due to the nature and the kiln.

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