Shamanic Treatments

Sessions & Costs

Session costs vary between £90.00 - £150.00 per session. A session typically lasts 90mins.

What to expect from a session with a Shaman

When booking an appointment, a client is normally aware that something is not working; this is usually because the physical body has become sick. It can also be the emotional/mental state that brings a client to the point where they are prepared to commit to their own healing journey. A shamanic session is not a quick fix, it's so very much more, the client and shaman work together to establish the original trigger that created the situation that the clients find themselves in.

A Shamanic session is the beginning of a personal inner journey. As the client you are encouraged to get in touch with the feelings rather than the story of your situation and the shaman is then able to establish the anchor of old patterns of behaviour in your energy field that are no longer of service to you and also discover why you might be stuck in certain areas of your life. The Shaman has the ability to work deeply with the memory of events held like magnets in the client’s energy field, which results in a profound and very powerful experience. These magnets continue to organize the client’s life attracting the same kind of people and situations until they are reconciled within the energy field of the client and within the clients own belief system. The session is participatory so the client and the shaman work together to bring to light these old 'maps' of reference, core beliefs and patterns of behaviour by which the client leads their life. 

This reconciliation raises the energy initiating a shift in a stuck area of the client’s life, this might be something the client was aware of but wasn't prepared to deal with, or was unsure how to change. It could also be something the client was unaware of consciously, but by doing their Soul work it gives the client a clearer perspective of their life giving them the tools to make change.

To make change still takes determination but being given a new 'map' and tools to utilize, the experience is empowering and life changing enabling the client to move forwards.

Shamanic Healing

The origin of this philosophy dates back more than 5000 years and has been cherished and passed down from generation to generation as an oral tradition. The Q’ero people, the last remaining descendants of the Inka, recognized in their prophecies, that the Spanish conquistador would arrive and the Q’ero Elders took the decision to move their community high up into the mountains above the tree line to safe guard their way of life.

Shaman and shamanism remained relatively unknown until the mid 20th century. When the Q’ero shaman began to come down from the mountains, it was because they had seen in their prophecies that their knowledge was going to be of assistance and of service to people in the fast changing world that we experience today. The key aspects of the medicine teachings are as applicable to life today as they have always been.

The methods that are shared here come from the knowledge and wisdom passed down from the Q’ero nation and the core practices used are the result of a partnership between Don Antonio Morales and Dr Alberto Villoldo, founder of the Four Winds society in the United States of America.

The Shaman knows that we all have an interconnected relationship with everything we know and see as our reality and everything we cannot see. They know this as the world of matter and the world of energy. It is the shaman’s skill to be able to move between these worlds that assists others to find balance and transform their lives.

The philosophy encompasses the knowledge that we are all caretakers of this incredible and formidable world that we live upon. That the life we experience comes from our own perception and each one of us has our own unique perception of reality. From this perception we create a map to help us navigate through our lives and make sense of the world, as we perceive it.  The Shaman knows that by changing our perception we can change our view and experience of our world. The world is real we just mistake our version as the only reality because that is how we experience the world personally. And to top it all we get so used to others telling us what to do we forget that we have the power to make the changes ourselves and instead wait for others to do it for us.

How shamanism works

The Shaman empowers others to create new maps.

Each person has an energy field that carries information about them in all areas of their life just like a computer memory bank full of files. Interestingly though a lot of this information rests in our unconscious and in our habits and often passes us by without us noticing.

A person’s energy field directs their thoughts, their beliefs, their behaviours, their habits, their values and finally the version of life they find themselves living. And all of this is built on perception and perception is learned.

So life is influenced by everything a person has learned from their environment stretching far back into the past and they continue to live according to the past because this is the map they have created to get through life. So they continually step into the same place wishing for a different outcome but the outcome is always a repeat performance of the past, it may look slightly different, but the end result is always the same. 

So first Shaman want to assist others clear these outmoded patterns and beliefs from their energy field because they act like magnets continuing to pull the same situations, with the same kind of people into a person’s life. By Shifting the memory in the energy field, an opportunity to perceive life differently is created and the possibility to live into different beliefs and behaviors and experience the very best life in the moment becomes more probable.

These processes help a person to take charge and create a new map. To do this there are many shamanic techniques and there are 2 essential things to remember.  A person has to believe they can do it and then they have to practice the techniques. When a new map is created to live into, the old voices, the old behaviours may still come knocking and the skill is to be able to remain anchored in the new map.  

This is the Shaman’s greatest skill – to look beyond what can be seen and assist the client in creating a map that supports their highest potential.

What happens when a client books an appointment

When a client books an appointment, it is usually because either consciously or unconsciously the client is aware that their map or a coordinate within their map is not working.

Arriving to work with a shaman the client enters into a journey of co-operation, participation and empowerment. The space created provides a space where the client can begin to access their deepest yearning and begin to bring it into their reality.

The shaman assists by looking beyond the presenting story to assist the client to discover the origin of the dis-ease the client is experiencing. This is not about regression. The shaman recognizes that the client knows the story very well. There are usually several versions that have played out in the client’s life.  The purpose is to establish the original point at which the memory was engraved into the energy field. This enables the next part of the process, which is to establish through which point or chakra the energy is anchored to the physical body. 

Through this anchor point the old perception, beliefs, behaviours, values and experiences are downloaded into the client’s reality and continue to be a part of the clients experience until the original memory engraved in the energy field is reconciled.


The core practice of this tradition is to begin working by releasing the blue print or the memory from the energy field of the client. By reconciling the energetic memory the client’s energy is immediately liberated. The hook or magnet no longer exists and the client is no longer available for those old experiences.

A moment is provided for the client to feel the difference within their body and from this point the Shaman assists the client to establish new coordinates by anchoring in the new feeling, the new vibration and a new perception.  This shift is anchored into the client’s world through words and actions. Together the Shaman and the client create a new map for the client to begin to live into.

The tools of the Shaman

There are many aspects and processes involved during an appointment as every client arrives with their own perception and their own map of reality.

The knowledge and skills of the shaman;

-Ensure the client is empowered to participate in their journey towards wellbeing and balance.

-Creating an environment where the client and the Shaman can engage at the energetic.

-Specific skills are used to assist the client and these are known in this tradition as interventions. They are a small and significant part of the whole process.

The core practice is known as the illumination process. This locates the point (chakra) that acts as the anchor holding the energy of the old memory within the client’s energy field and provides a space for the client’s energetic and physical body to begin to release the heavy energy created by this old memory.

Interventions may include

- The removal of denser energy, which is often found closer to the physical body.

-The process to remove more fluid energy that has attached itself to the client’s energy field.

-Soul retrieval – locating and returning key aspects of the clients energy that the client has hidden away because of their old perceptions, beliefs etc.

For soul retrieval to occur, for denser and fluid energy to truly be reconciled and released the inner landscape must be clear of the old memory to ensure the client is no longer available and is no longer attracted to the old way of being. For this reason the illumination process is the core process and an essential part of the shamans work with their client.

The next step involves what the shaman calls mythic mapping. This is the point where the shift in the clients energy is anchored into how they feel, what language they use, what movement this establishes and what actions they can take in their lives to ensure the continuation of the shift they have accomplished. 

The client becomes more awake and more aware of how they are responding to the world around them and the Shaman provides techniques and tools to the client to assist them to sustain their new map.  

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