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Qero Shamans Qero Shaman Paqos Mestana Cloths - Group/ Class Selection (Varied Designs - Sold Individually)

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  • Andean Qero Paqos Shaman Mestana Cloth other wise know as a mesa cloth smaller than a large 'Altar' style cloth.
  • Beautifully hand made cloths by the elders.
  • Uses: Sacred cloth, holding mesa items, Khuyas/Stones, destiny readings. (Medicine wheel student mesa cloth).
  • Hand Made High in the Andes in the Qeros community.
  • Approx Sizes: 550mm - 660mm x 550mm - 750mm.
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These mesa cloths are sourced from the Pagos Qero medicine people high up in the Andes of Peru. Hand Woven from naturally dyed sheep wool by the Q'ero community these cloths are made with great symbology, meaning and intent. The cloths are used in a variety of ways, for rituals and ceremonies including holding new-born's safe as they enter this world holding them as they transition.......To becoming great altars holding an individuals power and gifts as they transform going around the medicine wheel. Personal power objects are held as the representation of ones transformation and placed in the cloth which is usually accompanies by an inner cloth, either a wachala or Unkuna which are local names for this depending on the region you are from.
Each family and region having a unique way and style of weaving, with these cloths in particular are made with great meaning. Always being made in two half's, which represents the duality, or left and right, masculine and the feminine, duality, the coming together are just some of these......The colours and overall make up are unique and individual to the Qero with the symbols and layout being different to family to family. For example sometimes the black known as the "pa and cha" or pachamama can be much wider to add a grounding influence while some cloths have very narrow black areas and lots of Inti, the sun the masculine symbols which make it a very busy but powerful cloth. For some they need "the waters" to temper there fires within and others need to create more fire....Each cloth and the way it is called to you is very unique when you start looking at its symbology!

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