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Purses / Medicine Pouches

Hand made purses & medicine pouches from South America, Peru. Lovingly made keeping local traditions alive and supporting local small communities, these are made in the high Andes mountain villages. Brightly coloured textiles from the Qero's shaman community and Chinchero. Using very finely yarns from alpacas and llama's that are naturally dyed and spun by hand.

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We are honored to partner with the indigenous Q’ero in Peru to bring you some of the most powerful textile weavings in the world!  The Q’ero are descendants of the ancient Incas and their medicine people, known as “Paqos,” still use their hands to craft their story telling textiles.  

By weaving these beautiful and meaningful stories, these medicine men and women are preserving and sharing their healing knowledge, beliefs and traditions.   Their main philosophy is “Ayni”, which means reciprocity and include balance and harmony with the Earth and with each other.

The Q’ero follow the Shamanic path of honoring all relations as sacred, including plant, stone and animal.  They are progressive thinkers who live with reverence and respect for Mother Earth, called “Pachamama” in their native language, Quechua, and are dedicated to preserving this beautiful planet for generations to come.

We invite you to experience their heartfelt creations as part of your spiritual practice for your prayer bundles, ceremonies and rituals.  These textile weavings are also stunning for display or decorative uses in your homes and their ponchos provide both warmth and comfort.   Their textiles are naturally dyed (do not bleed) and are woven in sheep or alpaca fine wools.