Qero Shamans Qero Shaman Elder Ceremonial Poncho (QPON69)

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Ponchos vary considerably in material and colour for different purposes. These Peruvian shaman sheep poncho's with intricate detail are much heavier than the black alpaca style.

  • Note: These types of ponchos are likely to be aged and authentic in appearance. Used by the family in ritual and ceremony.
  • Handmade by a shaman family member normally the wife or the daughter.
  • Made from 100% sheep wool, naturally dyed.
  • Approx size: 151cm (59")x 136cm (53.5"). Head Hole Size:280cm 11".

Often the shaman where two poncho's depending on the time of year. One is called a barrel poncho which is stitched down the sides, vanilla or black coloured it looks like a jumper without arms. This is worn for warmth and more importantly invisibility. The highly decorative poncho is then worn over the top.

Many individuals now only where a black poncho with subtle lines depicting certain holdings. Such as brown that represents the earth, mother earth and fertility, a rainbow that bridges the worlds and holds the jaguar medicine for transformation.

  • Qero Shaman Elder ceremonial poncho.
  • Extremely powerful and great to wear invoking the elements of the weave and archetypical energies that live with this lineage.
  • Made by a Qero Elders wife for ritual and ceremony.
  • Can have some light marks that generally can be removed with light cool washing if needed. Adding to its authentic tradition.
  • 100% Sheep Wool, naturally dyed and hand spun.
  • Approx size: 1430mm 56" x 1040mm 41". Head Hole Size:280mm 11".
  • Head Hole Size: Simply by using an old piece of fabric and cutting a hole in it to the length, see if your head fits through it! Most ponchos are easy to adjust but would require this to be done by yourself!

Brightly coloured ceremonial ponchos used by many cultures often symbolize tradition and statue. Some Qero shaman prefer to be less obvious and wear more subtle blending colours such as Brown and Vanilla. These are widely used by the everday person in south America. However they do have subtle differences embroidered with own symbology. The coloured and pattern stripes look coloful but hold great meaning.

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