Qero Shamans Four Quarter Unkuna Tawantinsuyu Inner Cloth (FQ-SP-ORG)

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This beautiful textile can be used as an inner cloth for a personal mesa, an altar cloth, sacred geometry or for divination. The magic of the four directions, 4 corners, 4 chambers centring on our heart centre, reflected in soul retrieval all reside in these types of cloths.

To aid in organizing your world and working on your energetic foundation. Perfect as an inner cloth to your medicine bundle, or for use in divination. Hand woven, all natural sheep’s wool and fine alpaca wool that's naturally dyed and hand woven.

  • Design: 4 quarters, Four squares representing the heart, 4 chambers for soul retrieval, 4 directions.
  • Commonly used as an inner cloth inside a mestana cloth meaning inner world held by your outer world a larger cloth.
  • Traditionally spun, woven and hand dyed using 100% sheep and alpaca fine's wool & natural dyes.
  • Size approx: 320mm 12.5" X 300mm  12".
  • Please allow 3% tolerance =/- for size and colouration).
  • Origin: Peruvian High Andes Qero and descendants medicine peoples.

Tawantinsuyu, Unkuña, Wachala or Inner cloth is a name given to a cloth that is used in rituals and ceremonies for blessings, prayers or holding medicine wheel students sacred objects and personal transformations.

As a sacred cloth to wrap & hold sacred objects & stones/kuyas. Put inside a mesa representing your inner world, while the mesa cloth represents your outer world. Also use for client work, placing on a chakra before working, creating a sacred altar to come too are just some of its uses.



Peruvian Q'ero Unkuña or otherwise known as a Wachala or Despacho Cloth are hand made traditionally by the Q'ero shamans that live in Peru high in the Andes mountains. To add to there authentic feel some of these are aged due to being used in ceremony by the shamans. Sometimes showing small use but adding to the overall feel. Please see other options as picture shows true illustration. For perfect condition, see shaman archetype watchalas.

Uses: Put inside your mesa cloth for holding khuyas, represents inner world. While the Mesa cloth represents the outer world. Despacho or Altar cloth, holding sacred items. The cloths are used by the mountain shaman in ceremony.
These cloths are sourced from the Pagos Qero medicine people high up in the Andes of Peru. Hand Woven from naturally dyed sheep wool by the Q'ero community these cloths are made with great symbology, meaning and intent. The cloths are used in a variety of ways, for rituals and ceremonies including holding sacred objects, stones/kuyas, becoming great altars holding an individuals power and gifts as they transform going around the medicine wheel. Personal power objects are held as the representation of ones transformation and placed in the cloth which is usually held by a larger mesa/mestana cloth.

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