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Sacred Essence Vogel 100% Clear Natural Quartz Double Terminated Extraction Crystal Wand 36 Sided (Medium - Standard)

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  • Extremely powerful - Working with a high degree of smoothness and able to deal with the most difficult healing's.
  • 100% Natural, 100% clear quartz hand cut.
  • Naturally sourced raw quartz from the earth without intervention.
  • Hold large amounts of energy and deal with most difficult healings with ease.

  • Specially made with double terminated points that direct or hold as required without energetic wobble.
  • Weight is a better indication to the different sizes.
  • Approx size & weight: 5" x 2" down to 1.5"-1.25". 200g - 250g.
  • Please allow 5% + or - on crystal sizes. Crystals hand cut will vary between length and width. Longer crystals are thinner, and shorter crystals wider. This is natural to gain the best from the crystal.
  • Supplied in a standard sheepskin pouch.
  • Uses: Healing & Shaman Extraction Process.
  • Supplied in a standard sheep skin pouch.
  • Uses: Healing & Shaman Extraction Process.

NOTE: Crystal sizing is very hard to get exact. Each crystal hand cut varies slightly. This depends what type of RAW stock is obtained. This is why we give guide line approximates on all VOGELS.

How many sides to a crystal is a big topic of discussion! Whilst 8 sides is said to bridge the ordinary to non-ordinary worlds and then between the physical and emotional aspects of the soul and beyond, many moved from 12 sided to now the most popular 13 sided crystals for healing and extraction work. 

13-sided crystals are considered as workhorses of the healing word. They help to bridge and look much deeper into the physiological and emotional worlds. They work exceptionally well with difficult healings.

We noticed a trend change that could co-insides with the magical number 13: 13 Moons, Mayans consider 13 to be Ascension, The hidden One - 13 Apostles! etc.

36-sided crystals are extremely powerful. Working with a high degree of smoothness and able to deal with the most difficult healing's holding steady from any energetic wobble.

Choosing a crystal:

One thing is for sure the more sides can increase the power, ability and depth. However in our experience its like learning to drive, we first start to drive in a car that has an accelerator, brake, clutch and gear stick, and then chose later when we have saved enough money for a bigger better version to progress to a faster more powerful racing car!

It’s worth remembering its not how fast or powerful the car is but how well you drive either of them!

We have a lot of feed back and experience with crystals – For some they need the Ferrari perhaps the 36 sided crystal to help them do wonderful work, but many feel the 13 sided is just as gifted and in some instances better than the 36. Another way of looking at it is: How could you drive an F1 car around the town to do your shopping!

Crystals know there job, its how we refer to them relating and transposing what they do with ease that’s important.

Therapists tend to have more than one crystal finding their unique preferences allowing the crystal to be used for.

For those unsure on which crystal: A good school of thought for those undecided is simply wait. It’s a big commitment not to be rushed. We would rather see you happy than making a quick decision on an expensive and important tool.

If you have a couple of options to chose from then you can always:

Make a note of the different types on different pieces of paper. Fold them in half so you cannot see which type it is. Mix them up and sit holding, meditating with each piece of paper…….. See what they feel like, which one calls more than another…...You will be probably surprised which one it is!

Please also feel free to call us or email us to discuss the options.

All these crystals are either Naturally grown in the earth or Laboratory controlled grown (AAA) grade crystal that is hand cut 100% clear, 100% inclusion free. They are double terminated allowing directing and holding as required with anything that’s intended to be housed in them. They are used for healing practices, energy work including extraction processes, journeying and meditation.

Clear quartz is a natural conductor and offers a great temporary home for large amounts of energy enticing what needs to go back to its rightful place in a safe and held way. The cut of the crystal offers a crystal palace!

Size and weight vary due to natural or lab grown crystal specifically cut for this purpose.

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