Vogel Clear Quartz DT Extraction Crystal 8 Sided (MARK)

Vogel Clear Quartz DT Extraction Crystal 8 Sided (MARK)

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  • This crystal point has a very very small mark on the tip, so small you cannot take a picture of it.
  • 8 sided Vogel Clear Quartz Extraction Crystal.
  • Naturally sourced from the earth.
  • Specially made with double terminated points.
  • 100% Natural, 99% Clear Hand Cut Quartz.
  • Holds large amounts of energy without energetic wobble.
  • Size & Weight: Approx 4'-5" x 1.25". 90g - 120g. (Slightly smaller than the standard option).
  • Supplied in a standard sheep skin pouch.
  • Uses: Shaman Healing & Extraction Process.



This Quartz is Naturally grown (AAA) grade, hand cut 100% clear, 100% inclusion free. These powerful, double terminated Quartz crystals are cut with 8 sides, used for healing practices, energy work including extraction processes, journeying and meditation. 8 Sides breaks through the barrier from the physical & emotional world into the world of the soul and beyond, the crystals are a great temporary homes for large amounts of energy enticing what needs to go back to its rightful place in a safe and held way. Size and weight vary due to natural crystal specifically cut for this purpose.

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