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Star Child Buddha 5ml Space Aroma

Buddha 5ml
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  • Star Child 'Buddha' Space Aroma 5ml.
  • Buddha is the Lord of compassion and eternal bliss. There are many paths to Buddhahood, but in essence they are all one: to attain enlightenment is to transcend the world of duality.

Buddha is the Lord of compassion and eternal bliss. There are many paths to Buddhahood, but in essence they are all one: to attain enlightenment is to transcend the world of duality. Some try the road of abstinence, avoiding all earthly temptation. Others actively seek the divine within all earthly forms, whilst still others seek eternal bliss through union with the Goddess (Tantric Buddhism). Whichever road we choose, the aim is the same: unite the opposites, create unity out of duality, transcend the dichotomy of the manifest world and reach for the source in which all things are one.

Magical Infusions: JUPITER, OM

Inspired by the Gods and Goddesses who once walked the earth among us, these space aromas are dedicated to a handful of deities whose archetypal images re-occur in numerous guises throughout the world. These archetypes are deeply rooted in our collective unconscious and over the centuries have profoundly influenced the human experience of the sacred. Throughout the centuries their divine love and wisdom has offered inspiration or sparked the quest to delve into their mysteries. To honour such archetypes within, is to bridge the worlds and walk among Gods and Goddesses.

Supplied in a 5ml bottle with information leaflet.

Star Child Space Aromas contain only pure essential oils and absolutes that have been potentized with our unique magical herbal infusions. Each aroma is designed with a specific purpose, astrological energy or deity in mind, though the versatility of their application is only limited by your imagination.

Never use Space Aromas internally.
Do not apply neat to the skin.
The recommended standard dilution is 1-3% for use in massage, bath or perfume oil blends.
Test on a small area of skin on the inner arm first before using any oil more liberally as a bath, massage or perfume oil.
Keep all oils out of the reach of children and pets.
Never allow Space Aromas to enter the eyes.
If you are pregnant or are suffering from any serious medical conditions we do not recommend you using any of our space aroma blends as massage, bath or perfume oils.

Space Aromas consist of carefully chosen essential oil blends. As such they behave just like essential oils: they will evaporate and 'fly off' if stored incorrectly. Always keep the lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

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