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Nature's Design Sacred Geometry Pinus Cembra Fragrance Diffuser XL - 21.5cm (Swiss Stone Pine)

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This extra large crafted pine fragrance diffuser is a centre piece in a home, office school environment. A stunning elegant piece, standing 21.5cm tall. It is presented with Pinus Cembra wood shavings and pure Swiss Stone Pine Essential Oil.

The aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil brings nature into your home, having a soothing, relaxing effect and giving you strength and energy. It is especially recommended in case of a cold or respiratory problems. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil neutralizes odours in the room (kitchen odours, cigarette smoke, etc.) and contributes to a better atmosphere. Including Pinus Cembra essential oil + Pinus Cembra shavings.

  • Made from: Swiss Stone Pine supplied in a crafted gift box.
  • Supplied with Swiss Pine shavings and Swiss pine essential oil.
  • Approx size: H:21.5cm x 17.5cm
  • How to use:Put the attached shavings of the Swiss Stone Pine into the vaporizer hole, and pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them. Top up as required.


NB: Oil and shavings refills available separately.

Use this diffuser to deliver into the air of living and work space a Natural Organic pure fragrance, that will transport your senses to the Swiss Mountains and experience this calming, relaxing and truly divine scent.


The Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra) an ancient tree from the White Pine family. It has been growing for at least 7000 years. The tree grows to incredible heights in harsh weather conditions. Many of these individual trees in the White Pine species live anything from 200 – 400 years. In the past this ancient tree was seen in much more widespread areas. Today the Swiss Stone Pine tree grows only in secluded Alpine areas. Pinus Cembra

Height: It reaches up to 35 meters in height, and up to 1.5 meters in diameter.

Age: On average the tree grows from 200 to 400 years, but there are individual trees which are up to 1200 years old.

Resistance: It can survive freezing temperatures and harsh winds down to -50°C.

Altitude: It grows in Alpine areas from 1300m (4200ft) up to 2300m (7500ft) above sea level.

Growth: It is mostly present in the Mont-Blanc area, Vallis, Engiadina, Tirol and South Tirol of the Central Alps range and in some places of the Carpathian Mountains.

Benefits: The benefits of using the wood of the Swiss Stone Pine have been known for centuries, and have in our modern times been scientifically verified.

Sustainability: Many Swiss Stone Pine trees only fall because of natural forces like avalanches, lightning and wind. Every year a sustainable harvest of trees is determined by the local forest authorities. The Swiss Stone Pine is not an endangered species, however intentional harvesting is controlled to maintain the natural preservation and balance of this rare unique species.

Queen of the Alps and Home

The peoples of the different regions of the Alps have recognised the beauty and benefits of the Swiss Stone Pine tree for centuries. Traditional wisdom surrounding this tree points to its beneficial effects on relaxation, sleep and recovery, and for these reasons it has been used to make room ceilings, beds, baby cots and other bedroon furniture. It has been called the ‘’Queen of the Alps.“ In modern times, scientific studies* have confirmed these well-known beneficial effects of the Swiss Stone Pine on human participants. Now you can bring the fragrance of the Swiss Stone Pine into your home to improve the quality of your life.

* Joanneum research, Institut für nichtinvasive diagnostik, Weiz, Austria, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser

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