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Palo Santo - Burseara Graveolens Palo Santo 100% Pure Essential Oil (Bulk 1000ml) Wild Harvested

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  • Burseara Graveolens known as palo santo wood or essential oil.
  • Sustainably harvested Pure Palo Santo from naturally downed trees within a Pachamama Alliance country committed to preserving, managing and maintaining for future generations.
  • Benefits and Properties Data Sheet!
  • Palo Santo Essential 10ml Oil is 100% Pure.
  • Fresh Citrus fragrance that has extremely high cleansing and high antiseptic properties.
  • Used by shamans and individuals in energy practices, ritual & ceremony all over the world.
  • Uses: Cleanse space's, the body. Use as an antiseptic and repellent.Feed & Clean your Mesa Kuyas.
  • Organic but not Certified details below.

As Organic as it can get! This palo santo is harvested in such away that the trees are hand selected and cleared sustainably and replanted. The trees are from deep within the Amazon Jungle away from any harmful industry. The trees are only selected from naturally fallen trees in keeping with the sacred wood selection, cleared and re planted. Palo Santo 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml is certified as organic as it can be, due to the great commercial cost of the obtaining a certificate they feel what they offer and the quality of the product shares its values to the user and do not register for an expensive certification.

The Shamans Sacred 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil, Palo Santo known as Holy or Sacred Wood. Used by the shamans, Q'eros and indigenous people of the Andes for it's purifying and cleansing properties. A rich fragrant smell that is very powerful.
Palo Santo Information: This oil is purchased from a sustainable managed forest in South America who promote well being incense and oils. The wood that is harvested is from downed trees not live trees cut and sold for its value. One of the unique properties of Palo Santo is its healing and cleansing properties which make the way the wood is sourced so important.

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