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The World's favourite chimes and more...

Woodstock Tuned Chimes create a unique range of high quality, affordable musical gifts from around the world.

They inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to all.

Woodstock Chimes, Bells and Gongs are available a wide range of styles, songs and sizes; choose the Woodstock product that speaks to your soul.

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ENCORE® COLLECTION Our wildly popular Encore Collection Chimes share the superior quality standards of the rest of our products, yet they are our value line. How do we do it? Encore Collection Chimes have a distinct look and come in a selection of striking color combinations. They share an enchanting tuning that sounds out of this world in any size. Because Encore Collection Chimes have these things in common, they are economical to produce and offer the high value of Woodstock Chimes at a lower cost. SIGNATURE

COLLECTION™ Containing our classic-style Woodstock Chimes, others with contemporary flair, products that contribute to holistic living, and more, this collection appeals to a wide range of customers. This is where you'll find a wide variety of products like Heroic Windbells, Windsinger Chimes and Magical Mystery Chimes, all distinctive products that draw more customers to your display.

Woodstock believe in their product so much that they give a one-year warranty and a lifetime tuning guarantee on their musically tuned chimes.

In 1979, Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes, had a dream of bringing music to people’s ears in a non-traditional form. Like many just starting out, the Northern Illinois University professor found he lacked the financial resources to pursue his hobby. So, with a strong will and an impeccable ear for music, he went tromping through a landfill in search of “treasures” to create his masterpiece. “At the time, scouring landfills for usable materials was not an uncommon practice,” says Garry. “I was looking for any type of metal with a quality sound to it. I spotted a pile of discarded lawn chairs. Instead of trash, I saw a free source of materials for my new hobby.” Using the tubes from the lawn chairs, Garry crafted a metallophone inspired by the scale of Olympos, a 7th century B.C. Greek pentatonic scale that Garry found fascinating. “You can’t play the scale’s ancient notes on a modern piano, but I really wanted to hear the scale of Olympos,” he says. “I came up with the idea of cutting and tuning the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the scale and then had the brainstorm of creating a windchime from the tubes. It was the perfect instrument that the wind could play randomly. Plus, you don’t need formal musical training to appreciate the beautiful sound.” From there, Woodstock Chimes took form as Garry’s musically tuned windchimes flourished in popularity, never once slowing down for nearly forty years. And yes, we still offer the Chimes of Olympos®—it’s one of our most popular windchimes!