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Bells & Whistles

A chosen selection of instruments including mardi gras celebration whistles, altar and ceremonial bells, gongs, natural and vegan friendly drums and flutes.

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Sacred Essence is honoured to support your spiritual and shamanic work by offering a wide variety of resources for your prayer practices (Despacho Bundle Kits), rituals (candles, carvings, feathers, bells and dreamcatchers) and personal healing journey (Medicine Wheel and animal power figurines).

We know that our customers like to create beautiful alters in their homes and express themselves in ceremony, so we offer such hand crafted sacred items as male and female bells, Medicine Wheel/Four direction figurines, Pachamama stones and unique dreamcatchers.

We have some stunning animal power objects, including of course, Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle for you to bring into your life as journey through the directions and come into your wholeness and full power through the seasons.  Our angel figurines, as well as our feminine and masculine figurines, are wonderful energies to support you in your healing and protection practices.

Our Despacho Bundle Kit is a sought after resource for prayer work because it is personally created by Shamans.  A Despacho is a ceremonial exchange with Spirit (or God) for gratitude, healing, right relationship, balance or protection.  Think of them as taking your prayers to a whole new level.

Our Despacho Bundle Kits are a powerful and very effective sacred resource for your ceremonial needs and come with instructions. Using the Kits allows you to focus on your blessings and heart center, instead of spending time gathering the many supplies.  Customers return to purchase these again and again after experiencing the power and peace that they bring.


We take great care to source all of our Ceremonial and Ritual products from reputable and earth honoring people, from both North and South America and the United Kingdom.  We are passionate about supporting the artisans who craft these treasured resources.  You can learn more about Sacred Essence and our passions in the About Us section.