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Remo All Weather Synthetic Drums

The Remo Buffalo drums have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. They come with a rope handle, mallet and a choice of graphic or plain. All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo's Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON® drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. You can play Remo's Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great.

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We have selected a beautiful range of musical instruments used widely by many modalities for journeying, drumming and dancing circles.

Whether Shamanic, Pagan, Celtic, Reiki or perhaps just spiritual this selection of popular products are widely used.

There are many different types of drums and instruments that tone very differently. What we have done is selected the most popular taking into account the range of the voices involved. 

Remo synthetic skin drums tend to be used more when travelling, fire circles and sweat lodges where ambient weather changes occur and can effect a drums voice. The very nature of the Remo Buffalo Skin is an all-round synthetic drum that performs wells across the board.

Natural Skin Handmade Native American Indian drums have an amazing tone and visually look very beautiful. The skin and tone makes a vast difference. Elk and Deer have a great tone with the Elk being more resilient to European Weather. 

Sacred Essence is proud to offer Peruvian Shipibo Jungle Gourd Rattles, Mexican Mimbres Talking Gourd Rattles to Peruvian Quena Wooden Flutes

Many are designed with symbolic artistry from archetypical animal spirits to the elements of nature. Choosing is a personal preference to what one resonates or is guided to work with.