Tibetan Spirits Water Spouting Singing Spring Bowl 39cm 1.75 KG

Water Spouting Singing Spring Bowl 39cm 1.75 KG
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Exquisite Chinese water, spring bowl. Rub the handles with the palm of your hand and the bowls starts to vibrate sing and create ripples. These vibrations create sparkling waves on the surface of the water and around the bowl which increase until fountains appear.

Fill the bowl to at least half way with spring water, then simply using your palms of your hands, wet them and rub the handles to start the waves. Adjust for desired effect.

The invention of the Chinese spouting bowl dates back to the Han Dynasty, over 2000 years ago. The Chinese name of a bowl like this, LONGXI, is derived from the pattern on the bottom of the bowl, an image of 4 dragons.

  • Approx size: W:39cm
  • Weight Approx: 1kg.
  • Material: Metal
  • Origin: Handmade in India.

 The larger the and heavier the spring bowl the smoother and easier it becomes with amazing calming results. Its like a meditation.

The principle of the spouting water spring bowl is similar to a crystal bowl or singing bowl. It produces unique sounds! And an array of water vibrational changes in and around the bowl. The frequency of the bowl changes producing the most amazing water spouts.


Place the water spring bowl on a support such as a leather cushion or felt support. Fill with clean water to the rim. By slowly rubbing the handles on their polished part with wet palms, first a droning sound rises, soon followed by a ruffle on the water´s surface, creating interesting patterns.

When the movement of the hands is intensified, the water jumps up impressively from four points. By changing the position of the hands and modifying the pressure, a variety of tones can be obtained.

This phenomenon is also closely related to the Chladni-discs, named after the natural scientist Ernst Florens Chladni (1756 – 1827): Free suspended metal plates gravelled with sand, which are stroked with a violin bow to create the “Chladni-Figures”. Both cases refer to the physical principle of the vibration membrane. Liquid bodies vibrate only in one direction.

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