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Sacred Essence - Europe's Largest Shaman & Alternative Shop

Welcome to Sacred Essence Europe's Largest Shaman Alternative Shop. Sacred Essence is about connecting the people of today with the ancient wisdom of yesterday - supporting individuals, community well-being and healing.

By providing a market-place for powerful resources we are building a community of energy to foster powerful change in the world. We love working with indigenous peoples, hand crafters and artisans who create beautiful and purposeful products that nourish the individual, support the community and sustain the earth.

Working within communities supports community. 'Fair Trade, Small Artisan, Traditional Methods,  Ethical, Lovingly Handcrafted, High Quality & Hand Selected are just a few words of our core values'.

We invite you to browse our diverse and exciting array of products created by craftspeople and artisans dedicated to preserving the earth’s medicine and traditions. We have included some more common-place products like juicers, blenders and yoga supplies that offer a high quality feel to compliment the ranges.

We are committed to giving back and strengthening the artisan and indigenous communities so we source sustainable products that respect the earth and honour the people who live in the highest relationship with nature.

Thank you for supporting us that supports you!