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Price's Candles

Price's British Quality Patent Candle Makers. Royal approved and endorsed high quality candles since 1830. By the end of this century the company was the largest maker of candles in the world. It made inexpensive stearine candles that burned almost as well as expensive beeswax candles and held 114 patents for its inventions. Later the introduction of mass production enabled Price's to dominate the nightlight market.

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Price's have a long and close association with the Royal Family from the time when the launch of their new composite candle coincided with the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Today it holds a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty The Queen. This special royal status means we supply candles for many Royal State occasions.

Today in a consumer-led market where 80% of candle sales are purely decorative, the company has focused on new ranges of perfumed and essential oil candles and aromatherapy products. Candles are not just sources of natural light but are aesthetic, fragranced and highly designed objects in their own right.Price's Candles